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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The one-day BioBriefing class provides a concise overview of modern biology concepts and an introduction to industry technology and terminology.

This class is for those with limited time who want a succinct summary of the science and applications.

Topics to be Covered
    Industry Overview
    What the Heck is Biotech?
    Industry Sectors
    The Business of Innovation

    The Players
    Regulatory Agenices
    US Government (NIH)
    US/Global Hubs

    The Science Driving the Industry
    The Cell
    Genomics & Proteomics

    The Technology Driving the Industry
    Recombinant DNA
    DNA & Proteins Sequencing
    High Throughput Screening
    Disease Models

    Getting a Drug To Market
    Choosing the Market
    Drug Discovery
    Drug Development
    Drug Approval

    Getting a Diagnostic to Market
    Diagnostic Development
    Diagnostic Approaval

    The Industry Today & Tomorrow
    Currently on the Market
    The Pipeline
    The Future of Biotechnology

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