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Upcoming Industry Events

June 28, 2012 - "Personalized medicine IP in threat - What are the possible consequences of the Prometheus case on your IP strategy?"

Gary Baker, Managing Director of the Quine IP Law Group, will discuss recent court cases, which effectively narrow the scope of acceptable subject matter for patent protection. In Mayo v. Prometheus (U.S. Supreme Court, No. 10�1150, argued December 7, 2011 - decided March 20, 2012), the relationship between serum thiopurine metabolite levels and the efficacy or toxicity of dosing was deemed an unpatentable law of nature. The Supreme Court held that simply appending conventional steps, specified at high level of generality, to laws of nature does not provide patentable subject matter.

Mr. Baker will discuss the history leading to Prometheus and possible practical effects with regard to analytical and treatment methods claims. More info�

September 27, 2012 - "New rules on Crowdfunding - A real opportunity for your emerging company?"

On April 5, 2012 President Obama signed the JOBS Act bill into law. President Obama declared the JOBS Act (for �Jump-Start Our Business Start-Ups�) is a �potential game changer�. As a matter of facts, funding for start-ups and emerging companies should become easier with an increased crowdfund cap and new IPO rules for example. However it does sound a bit risky to disclose your ideas to the whole world at a very early stage.

Join the real crowdfunding players for an interactive discussion on why and how to crowdfund your emerging company. More info�

December 13, 2012 - "8th Annual Trends in Financing Investor Panel & Holiday Celebration"

Steady capital is a must for all companies. The first step in funding is knowing where to look. Join experts from the investment world at our annual �Trends in Financing Investor Panel & Holiday Celebration� to understand the types of financing that are occurring in your industry today - including topics such as who is getting funding while the world faces complex financial challenges - and what is new and to expect for 2013. More info�

TBD - "Building a Financial Foundation � A Blueprint for Taking the Right First Steps"

With increased pressure to deliver value efficiently and effectively, startups need all the help they can get. Accurate, comprehensive operational management from the start is a crucial first step to the success of any business. Join us for a one hour interactive session on how you can best manage your operations resulting in maximum time spent on value creation and minimum time spent on developing and maintaining back-end policies, procedures and operational infrastructure.

Upcoming Open House Tours

The Open House Tour is an opportunity for anyone interested in the BioCenter to tour the facility and the Core Labs, to meet the management, and learn more about the BioCenter history and its clients. The Tour starts at 2:30 and lasts around an hour depending on attendance and how curious you are! This event is free of charge. RSVP now»

Upcoming Internal Events

These events are free and reserved to BioCenter Internal Clients (Residents and Affiliates).

Legal Office Hours
Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP and Quine IP Law Group, P.C. provide BioCenter Clients with pro-bono office hours. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet with experts in IP, regulatory, and corporate law. In addition to usual legal advices, Orrick and Quine's relationships create a web of resources for the BioCenter clients. Their lawyers have relationships with hundreds of venture capital firms that have funded Orrick and Quine�s clients. But the network doesn't stop there: Orrick and Quine lawyers have strong ties with many investment banks and accounting firms, national laboratories, universities, private equity funds and public companies. They put their network to work for BioCenter Clients, be sure to secure a spot to increase you visibility and outreach.

Pitch Practice
Whether an entrepreneur is pitching an investor, customer, or other stakeholder, these sessions provide valuable feedback from experienced pitch coaches, former CEO's, investors, and mentors. We have selected mentors from our pool who have relevant experience assessing start-up companies and organizations. We will select the appropriate mentors based on who signs up and what kind of pitch you want to practice.
Each session is 1 hour and includes 3-4 mentors giving their undivided attention to one entrepreneur or company.
You can practice whatever pitch you want: elevator pitch, customer pitch, 20 minute investor pitch, 2 minute investor intro... If we have time, you can practice more than one! We highly recommend that you attend one of these sessions if you are going to pitch potential clients or investors. We will be brutally honest about whether we think you are ready.
This event is an on-demand event for BioCenter Internal Clients only.
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