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Meet with� Takeda Research Investment, Inc.
Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Emerging companies find it increasingly difficult to reach the right person when seeking funding and/or partners. Through the �Meet with�� Series, we provide emerging companies with greater access to partnering and/or financing opportunities.

In this session, Juan Harrison of Takeda Research Investment will explain what they are looking for in a company.

After the presentation, each pre-approved attendee will be granted a private meeting with Juan Harrison, Vice President, Takeda Research Investment, Inc.

Takeda Research Investment (TRI) seeks to partner with entrepreneurial companies and individuals offering superior emerging product or technology opportunities, hallmarked by a clear strategic plan and a management team with the capabilities to ensure effective execution. These opportunities should signal the potential for significant value creation through, for example, improved efficiencies in drug discovery and development, identification of new therapeutic targets or the introduction of innovative, new drug candidates.
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Registrations are subject to approval of application.

Speaker Bio
Juan M.E. Harrison, Vice President, Takeda Research Investment, Inc.
Mr. Harrison joined TRI as Vice President in January 2008. He brings more than 21 years of biopharmaceutical R&D;, product licensing, business development and strategy experience. Most recently, Mr. Harrison was a partner with ProPharma Partners International, where he specialized in developing and implementing business and licensing strategy for emerging and established biopharmaceutical companies. Prior to this, he held senior business development positions at XenoPort Inc., PowderJect Inc., Connetics Corporation and Alza Corporation. In addition, Mr. Harrison held product development management and research positions at Alza, where he began his career in 1985. Mr. Harrison received his Bachelor of Sciences in Combined Sciences from Santa Clara University in California, USA.
About Takeda Research Investment, Inc.
Takeda Research Investment, Inc. (TRI) is the corporate venture arm of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (TPC) a world-class pharmaceutical company and the largest in Japan. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Takeda America Holdings, Inc., TRI started operations in 2002. Our aim is to encourage and support therapeutic innovation in biopharmaceutical companies and academic centers of excellence, through early stage capital investment and provision of access to the resources of a multinational pharmaceutical company.

Sector Focus: Therapeutics
TRI intends to maintain a diverse investment portfolio, but is presently concentrating on drugs and biotherapeutics to treat cancer, metabolic disorders (obesity, diabetes, and dyslipidemias), cardiovascular disorders and diseases of the central nervous system. TRI does not invest in anti-infective diseases, medical devices, or diagnostics platforms.

Sector Focus: Targets and Technologies
TRI is interested in enabling technologies that enhance drug target discovery and lead identification, increase the efficiency of lead optimization and eliminate redundancies in existing discovery operations. In general, these technologies will be a significant advance over existing systems and processes, and have the potential to provide competitive advantage.

Investor Stake
TRI maintains a flexible approach to all investment opportunities. However, our preference is to hold a minority equity interest as co-investors, where the lead investors would include venture capital firms, private equity funds, angels, or institutional investors. At this event companies will hear a presentation by Takeda Research Investment, Inc. to hear what they are looking for in a company. Then the attendees will have a private meeting with Vice President, Juan Harrison. The �Meet with�� Series provides greater access to a pipeline of emerging companies for Foundations, Angels, Investors, Governmental Agencies, Big Pharmas, and others who have partnering and/or financing opportunities.
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