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Supporting Organizations
Every great company is supported by a network of partners, each of whom works to ensure a company is set up for success. The BioCenter has supporting organizations among the leading Bioconvergence associations, as well as events & news providers. BioCenter clients are entitled to a discount for these events and gain an outstanding marketing presence in the Industry.

For more information or if you are interested in becoming a supporting organization, please contact Aurelie Gaudin.

Founded in 1999 in Silicon Valley, Astia is an innovative global not-for-profit organization that propels women�s full participation as entrepreneurs and leaders in high-growth businesses, fueling innovation and driving economic growth. Astia offers programs for high-growth start-ups that deliver results.

BayBiotech Review
With the world's largest concentration of bioscience companies, the San Francisco Bay Area is widely considered to be the country's biotechnological capital. The BayBiotech Review began in 2006 as a daily news update about the local industry for a biotech CEO and a handful of venture capitalists in the Peninsula area, and now researches hundreds of resources in order to provide the most comprehensive daily recap of the region's biotech-related news.

Bio2Device Group (B2DG)
The Bio2Device Group (B2DG) is a premier organization dedicated to all professionals in the Life Sciences industry within the San Francisco Bay Area. Membership is free and open to anyone in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, Diagnostics, Healthcare, Life Science Tools, and Laboratory Service industries. The Bio2Device Group�s events provide the latest industry information through weekly educational programs and face-to-face interactive opportunities to build and maintain a career network. The educational talks are designed to help members keep up to date, continue to grow in their field, as well as explore other industry sectors and corporate functions. Members are experienced professionals in the life science industry sectors representing start ups to Fortune 500 companies and professional firms partnering with the industry. This organization is highly interactive, volunteer-driven and unique to the San Francisco Bay Area.

BIOCOM is the largest regional life science association in the world, representing more than 550 member companies in Southern California. The association focuses on initiatives that positively influence the region�s life science community in the development and delivery of innovative products that improve health and quality of life. This includes initiatives in capital formation, public policy, workforce development, group purchasing and member services such as networking events. For more information on BIOCOM or the Southern California biotechnology and medical device community, please visit the organization�s Web site at www.biocom.org or call (858) 455-0300.

California Analytical Chemists Organization (CACO)
CACO-Bay Area is the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the California Analytical Chemists Organization (CACO), which is a non-profit professional organization of scientists and other professionals in analytical chemistry, mass spectrometry, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, and related fields, working in diverse organizations such as biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry, instrumentation and analytical product suppliers, universities, government laboratories and contract research organizations. Currently we have close to 2000 members. The mission of CACO is to promote the exchange of scientific and technical ideas, and to provide educational and growth opportunities in the fields of analytical chemistry, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, and related disciplines. We foster interactions and disseminate information through seminar luncheons, targeted workshops (short courses), expert forums, vendor shows, and job opening announcements.

Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)
CHI is the preeminent life science network for leading researchers and business experts from top pharmaceutical, biotech and academic organizations. CHI�s portfolio of products includes Cambridge Healthtech Institute Conferences, Insight Pharma Reports, Cambridge Marketing Consultants, Cambridge Meeting Planners and Cambridge Healthtech�s Media Group, which includes numerous e-newsletters as well as Bio-IT World magazine.

The Center for BioEntrepreneurship
The UCSF Center for BioEntrepreneurship offers programs and resources to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders in the life science industry. CBE weaves the UCSF community into the broader Bay Area community of life science innovators and entrepreneurs, company executives, investors, attorneys, and other professionals to help successfully translate discoveries from the laboratory to commercialization for the benefit of the institution and society.

The Cleantech Open
The mission of the Cleantech Open is to find, fund, and foster the big ideas that address today�s most urgent energy, environmental, and economic challenges. The Cleantech Open has established itself as the leader in developing clean technology startup entrepreneurs addressing these challenges. Since its inception in 2006, 125 promising teams have availed themselves of the Cleantech Open�s one-of-a-kind hands-on workforce development, nurturing, and funding programs, with impressive results.

EBD Group, Inc.
The leading firm for partnering in the life sciences, EBD Group organizes its own landmark conferences for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Building on this expertise, and with an unrivaled access to major players in these markets, EBD provides partnering services to other event organizers, and hands-on business development consultancy to support strategic partnering worldwide. EBD Group conferences have been the leading edge in Life Sciences since 1993 with content-rich and consistently productive partnering events.
At BIO-Europe, over 2,200 industry attendees from 1,250 companies create the largest stand-alone partnering conference worldwide. We provide a forum where international decision makers in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and financial sector can meet to initiate or develop partnerships among their companies. The sister conference of the landmark event held in the fall, BIO-Europe Spring responds to a demand to keep the deal-making moving forward. BioPharm America is where biotech industry partnerships get started. Based on the same winning formula used in EBD Group's distinguished European partnering conferences BIO-Europe and BIO-Europe Spring�, BioPharm America is expected to become the premier stand-alone bio-pharma partnering event in North America.

Environmental Business Cluster
The Environmental Business Cluster (EBC) is a non-profit clean energy and environmental technology commercialization center in San Jose, CA. The Environmental Business Cluster assists emerging clean energy and environmental technology companies in reaching the market. The Environmental Business Cluster provides business assistance programs and aids in the formation of technology partnerships and industry networks. During our 15 years of experience, the Environmental Business Cluster has helped more than 150 businesses commercialize and market their products.

FiercePharma is the pharma industry's daily monitor, with a special focus on pharmaceutical company news and the market development of FDA approved products. Join thousands of pharma industry leaders who get FiercePharma via daily email. Sign up today!

FountainBlue's vision is to empower companies and executives, one conversation, one executive, one organization at a time. Our mission is to build and support communities of high-impact, high-integrity Silicon Valley executives and entrepreneurs.
FountainBlue conducts monthly roundtables specially designed for executives or entrepreneurs and provides business strategy, organizational assessment and leadership coaching consulting services.

GTCbio is conference organizer specializing in conferences, workshops, training courses and tradeshows specifically for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. GTCbio�s goal is to produce quality forums that facilitate the exchange of biopharmaceutical and biomedical intelligence between industry leaders, academic and government organizations, and the financial community.

Global Technology Symposium
The Global Technology Symposium at Stanford is the West Coast's premier investor conference on global emerging technologies. The event offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain insight into current developments in key emerging IT and high tech industries and how they play out in the world marketplace.
The Symposium brings together a group of executives, distinguished scholars, experts on international trade, and policy makers from across the U.S., former CIS countries, and Europe in an intimate forum for addressing business issues through substantive and interactive dialogue.
IBF � International Business Forum
IBF � International Business Forum presents financial and business conferences on venture capital, private equity investing, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, corporate strategic investing, managing defined contribution/401(k) plans, institutional investing, funding technology innovation and the commercialization of intellectual property. Since 1989, IBF conferences provide attendees with leading-edge information and new business contacts to achieve business objectives.
Annual IBF Conferences include: Early Stage Venture Investing Conference, Biotech Investing Conference, Nanotech Investing Forum, Clean-Technology Investor Summit, and much more.

IEEE San Francisco Bay Area Nanotechnology Council
The mission of the IEEE San Francisco Bay Area Nanotechnology Council is to build bridges between local industry, academic, and government leaders, and to encourage Bay Area involvement in the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI). We hold luncheon meetings on the third Tuesday of each month at which industry, academic, and government leaders speak and answer questions on topics of current interest.

International Association of Nanotechnology
The International Association of Nanotechnology is a non-profit professional association with the goal of fostering worldwide research, development and business collaboration in the emerging fields of nanotechnology and clean technology for benefit of society. The 4th International Congress of Nanotechnology (ICNT) to be held on November 5-8 in San Francisco will be one of the largest gatherings of world-class nanotechnologists, researchers and cooperate executives in the emerging fields of nanotechnology, biotechnology and clean technology.

Larta Institute
Larta Institute is a professional services firm that designs and implements commercialization programs on behalf of clients seeking to advance the market and investor readiness of their entrepreneurs and enhance the technology-based competitiveness of their regions. Our clients include U.S. federal agencies, universities and research institutes, and governments from around the world. Our tagline is �Connecting People to Drive Innovation�. Larta�s network includes subject matter experts, seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, and relationships with Fortune 1000 companies that are seeking to access innovative new companies and identify new business opportunities. Larta is recognized as a trusted partner by both the investment and corporate communities.

Luminogenics is a resource for the life sciences community. Currently the national wet lab resource directory contains hundreds of listings of biotech incubators, research parks and associations from around the country. The site is currently in a state of transition as the national wet lab resource directory is moved from the single page format to the more usable format of the blog entry. I would also like to add that the site is still under development, and feedback is greatly appreciated.

OnBioVC provides timely coverage and comprehensive analysis of global bioscience private and public capital investment and M&A activity. OnBioVC, an Indicium Data Company, publishes quarterly Trend Analysis reports where transactional activity of private and public bioscience companies (be they therapeutic, diagnostic, medical device, medical-IT or biofuel in orientation) is aggregated and examined over time. Venture deal data is sorted by dollars raised via round, region, state and sector, and contains additional information on the indications and technologies receiving investment along with additional detail on the company who has closed their financing round within the identified time period; this data is followed by an analysis of bioscience public offerings and biopharma M&A deals. OnBioVC.com provides a free and easy to search database where information queries may be indexed by therapeutic, diagnostic, device, medical-IT and biofuel company, technology, indication, financing-round, close date and geographic region — as well as details of the venture capital funds who are financing the deals. All data aggregated at OnBioVC.com is also available for delivery to your inbox via a free email subscription.

Pharma Connections Worldwide, Inc.
Pharma Connections Worldwide� is the leading professional business networking website focused in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Life Sciences research industry. Our goal is to provide a conduit for delivery of premiere content coupled with the right clientele in order to facilitate business development opportunities among industry professionals responsible for making key decisions in a global marketplace.

San Francisco State Personalized Medicine Conference
Personalized Medicine is the application of genomic data to ensure the delivery of the right treatments and preventive measures to the right patient at the right time, ushering in a new era of affordable healthcare delivered with laser precision. Personalized Medicine 2.0 is the second annual one-day conference focused on the perspectives of non-profit and corporate research, biotechnology, academic, and diagnostic leaders with concentration on how the evolving landscape is revolutionizing medical care. The conference will explore what happens "on the ground" when personalized medicine is put into practice, and what that means for caregivers and patients, as well as for the industries that develop products for personalized medicine. This year, we concentrate on the role of bioinformatics, data mining and systems biology in advancing personalized medicine. Speakers and panelists are from Genentech, Burrill & Company, Navigenics, UCSF, Pathwork Diagnostics, and more.

Silicom Ventures
Silicom Ventures is one of the largest angel and VC investment forums in the US. Our mission, since 1999, is to facilitate investment opportunities between investors and entrepreneurs though events and selected meetings.

Springboard Enterprises
Venture-Catalyst Springboard Enterprises is the go-to organization for information about and support for entrepreneurial ventures led by women. Springboard sources, qualifies, coaches and showcases high growth potential companies as they seek equity capital for product development and expansion. The 407 companies that have presented at Springboard forums have raised over $5 billion in equity, grants and corporate investments to date.

SVASE, the Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs, is the largest and fastest growing Non-Profit association in Northern California, offers events and services to help technology entrepreneurs raise money, network, and build successful companies.

TVG provides life science professionals with the connections, the venues, and the access they need to succeed in a global life science world. Our Conference and Partnering Networks include industry-leading events in the US, Canada, China, Europe, Australia, Latin America, India, and Asia. TVG conferences are focused on facilitating business development, providing an open and vibrant format that allows delegates to pre-book meetings and share agendas before the event date.


Venture Choice
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, VentureChoice represents an exclusive network of Individuals, Corporate and Institutional Investors who are seeking attractive investment and syndication opportunities in private sector companies. VentureChoice was established in collaboration with industry participants to meet the growing demand for an organized approach to locate and support innovative projects that can make a difference, while leveraging the opportunities they create. Our team consists of seasoned technology veterans with deep industry experience and our members are qualified investors who understand the risks and potential rewards of investing in private companies. In addition to the core team, VentureChoice has a network of industry specialized experts, entrepreneurs and senior executives with a demonstrably successful track record who are actively involved in selecting and guiding portfolio companies on a long term basis.


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