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What to expect from the �Meet with...� Series?
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What is the registration process?
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What will happen before the event?
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How will the day of the event look like?
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What will happen after the event?
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What are the cancellations and refund policies?
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Participants Testimonials

"The companies selected by the BioCenter are ready to talk at the higher funding level and have an understanding of our strategy and the kind of funding we need."
- Chun-Nan Chen, CEO of Single Cell Technology

"Thank you for putting these programs together � they are very valuable for the community."
- Jeff Welch, Managing Director, Nanosyn Biology, Nanosyn, Inc.

"Many thanks to the staff at San Jose BioCenter for making this meeting with Merck possible. We appreciate all your efforts and time invested in us."
- Fredric J. Pashkow, MD, Executive Vice President/Chief Medical Officer, Cardax Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Speakers Testimonials

"We made a lot of good contacts with new companies we did not know before. I think we created interest among those companies and awareness that there are funding possibilities through the Fox Foundation that they didn�t know about."
- Sohini Chowdhury, Associate Director & Team Leader of Research Programs, Michael J. Fox Foundation

"You can imagine that we see tens of hundreds of companies and scientists and venture capitalists. In most cases it�s too early or not relevant. The BioCenter does a good job of screening and tailoring meetings to suit our needs. So we specify what we�re looking for and they reach out to their community, which is a screening process we don�t get to go through at other events."
- Yael Weiss, MD, PhD. Director, Licensing And External Research Merck Research Laboratories Merck & Co., Inc.

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