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Industry Roundtable
SJBC Open House Tour
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SJBC Open House Tour
Legal Workshop
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From Innovation to Industry...

The San Jose BioCenter is an economic initiative by

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The San Jose BioCenter Hosts High Potential BioConvergence Companies
New Equipment Adds High Value to Bay Area
With an initial investment of $6.5M the City of San Jose Redevelopment Agency (SJRA) partnered with the San Jose State University Research Foundation and opened the San Jose BioCenter (SJBC), a 36,600 sq ft facility equipped with wet labs, dry labs and office space. With its state of the art facilities, extensive laboratory and business services and full range of common equipment, the SJBC gives high potential bioconvergence companies that “big company advantage” that enables them to grow and scale successful businesses at a fraction of the cost.

Thanks to a new investment of $2.2M from SJRA, the SJBC has been able to acquire some very valuable equipment and has now opened its new Chemistry Analytics Core Lab, with equipment and software from Varian that has never been installed anywhere else in the world. This lab features equipment such as a NMR, a LCMS, and an HPLC.

“Such equipment has tremendous value for our companies. Our goal is to support early stage ventures to move quickly from concept to commercialization, which will in turn support the industry overall. Hence we are now opening the Chemistry Analytics Lab to all emerging technology companies in the Bay Area.” For more information, contact Jennifer Lucia at 408.960.2200 or email [email protected].


Welcome to the Newest SJBC Tenants!
5 high potential companies chose the SJBC for their home

The SJBC is proud to announce several new additions to its portfolio: Reviva Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Tacere Therapeutics, Inc., Fast Light Laboratories; The California Center for Healthcare and Biomedical Technology; and Zymera, Inc..

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Client News

Edison named as runner-up Biotech in Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal Emerging tech awards
Thirty-three of Silicon Valley's hottest up-and-coming companies were honored Tuesday night at an awards ceremony ...
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Center of Excellence (www.cchbt.com) dedicated to high quality, comprehensive biomedical research and patient treatment and care takes residence at the SJBC
The fully integrated biotechnology hospital will focus heavily on patients with musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and oncology-related disorders, and provide specialization in other areas...
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BioMarker in the Wall Street Journal: Youthful Pursuit - Researchers Seek Key to Antiaging In Calorie Cutback
The niche also includes BioMarker Pharmaceuticals and LifeGen Technologies, both of which focus on mimicking CR with drugs...
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BrighTex in the Mercury News: Power scanner shines light on skin imperfections
How many ways do my pores betray me? Let this machine count the dips and bumps. Some people can hardly bear to look in the mirror at their pimples, wrinkles and sunburn blotches, much less count them. But Raj Chhibber sees a big business opportunity in adding up all those facial defects...
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Valley incubators a growth industry
In the Silicon Valley and nationally, business incubators, which attempt to provide affordable space and helpful start-up services to nascent companies, are coming back...
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Tacere Therapeutics gets seed funding for hepatitis C treatment
Tacere Therapeutics Inc. said Thursday it secured an undisclosed amount of seed financing from Japan's Hokkaido Venture Capital to establish operations and perform preclinical...
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GIRUS Offers New R&D; Services
GIRUS Life Sciences, Inc., a cell biology-based biotechnology company focused on stem cell therapy and innovative bio-processing products and services, is pleased to announce expansion of its Bio-Processing Services to R&D; Services...
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Chirosolv® kits are now available worldwide through distributor Sigma-Aldrich
Chirosolve Inc., based in San Jose, California recently introduced Chirosolv® Kits, which offer tremendous time and money savings while identifying optimal crystallization conditions...
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Sara Hall, CEO of Tacere Therapeutics interviewed by Drug Discovery News
In the months following Australian RNAi specialist Benitec’s decision to shutter its U.S.-based operations, former CEO Sara Hall (formerly Sara Cunningham) and CFO Michael Catelani decided to revitalize the IP they had developed by licensing it...
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Edison in Time Magazine: When Cells Stop Working
And a new company called Edison Pharmaceuticals, of San Jose, Calif., was founded last year for the sole purpose of coming up with drugs for mitochondrial disease...
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BioMarker Pharmaceuticals Evaluates Combination Herbal Formulation for Lowering Cholesterol and Improving Heart Health
BioMarker Pharmaceuticals, Inc. launched the first rigorous clinical study of BM-A1, a proprietary combination herbal formulation designed to promote heart health by lowering plasma cholesterol and triglycerides...
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Charisela announces the release of its first reagent kit -Quantifier Insulin Assay- The first in a series of reagents off the Quantifier Reagent Line.
Charisela Technologies, Inc. announced the release of its newest reagent kit: Quantifier Insulin Assay. Based on its proprietary, patent pending and novel methodologies providing low background, rapid, non-radioactive and accurate results, the Quantifier Insulin Assay has the potential of becoming the choice reagent for high content insulin screening...
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Edison builds business in fighting 'orphan' diseases
Founded just under two years ago, Edison Pharmaceuticals Inc. is making strides toward developing drugs to treat so-called "orphan" diseases...
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Tacere Therapeutics appoints Vice President, Research and Development
Tacere Therapeutics, Inc., an innovative biotechnology company specializing in the development of RNAi therapeutics to treat serious infectious diseases, announced today that Linda B. Couto, Ph.D., has joined as Vice President, Research and Development...
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Edison Pharmaceuticals teams with Brazilian researchers on eye disease
Edison Pharmaceuticals Inc. said Monday it is collaborating with a Brazilian university to develop drugs for a disease that results in blindness...
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Become a SJBC Company
The SJBC seeks to maintain a balanced and diversified portfolio across the various bioconvergence sectors (device, drug development, nanotechnology, energy, diagnostics, bioinformatics, biophotonics, etc.) with companies at various stages of development.

The SJBC is dedicated to providing a high level of service to its companies. Membership is month-to-month. Resident companies receive business and/or lab space within the facility as well as access to all the equipment and business/lab services. Affiliate companies will have access to services only and do not reside within the facility.

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Partner Announcements
Effective January 1st The San Jose State University Foundation name changed to the San Jose State University Research Foundation. The establishment of a new SJSU Tower Foundation (that will be primarily focused on university philanthropic giving and development) provided an excellent time to differentiate the primary mission of both independent non-profit organizations and their unique roles in supporting two critical elements of SJSU's institutional success.

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The California Center for Healthcare and Biomedical Technology



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