Ahwahnee Technology
Ahwahnee Technology is a leading nanotechnology company founded in Silicon Valley in late 2002 as a force to enable the Carbon Nanotube (CNT) to become a building block in a multitude of applications and industries. Ahwahnee's industry-leading CNTs are revolutionizing a number of markets, including fuel cells, energy and semiconductors. As one of only a few companies today to commercialize CNT production, the Company's goal is to provide CNT material at an industrial scale, then to create and commercialize its own CNT application primarily targeted at the energy market.

AminoArrays (formerly NanoBioDynamics) is developing next-generation technology for amino acid analysis. Our array-based analyzer represents significant advances in speed, sensitivity, and ease-of-use, all at a lower cost. Applications include protein biochemistry, proteomics, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, clinical diagnostics, and food and animal feed testing.
Aridis Pharmaceuticals
Aridis Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a private biologics drug development company (formed in 2003) using formulation and delivery technologies to provide differentiated, high value products. Our mission is to address important diseases that have a significant impact on life expectancy, such as infectious diseases in children. Our solution lies in producing dried biologicals that are stable at room temperature and administered in “ready-to-use” formats. For example, an oral rotavirus vaccine in a quick dissolving wafer not only can prevent 500,000 childhood deaths worldwide each year, but also offers an attractive market in the US and Europe. Similar advantages apply with chronic antibody therapeutics designed for home treatment, e.g., an inhaled antibody for chronic lung infections in cystic fibrosis patients where a more convenient and reliably stable therapy would be a significant advancement. In each market, Aridis’ is dedicated to providing products with greater convenience and less cost to healthcare organizations and the patient.

Biofran, Inc.
Biofran, Inc. is a biotechnology company emphasizing on membrane protein research and services. Protein isolation is one of the oldest biotechnologies, but the demands from proteomics for the purification of potentially vast numbers of proteins is driving new developments in long-established techniques. The focus of our company is to develop efficient and cost-effective protein purification methods, especially methods to obtain pure and large quantities of membrane proteins that are difficult to purify by competing technologies. Biofran will form strategic partnership with leading pharmaceutical companies, helping to move forward the proteomic research on interesting drug targets and to improve the production of therapeutical proteins.

BioMarker Pharmaceuticals Inc.
BioMarker Pharmaceuticals Inc. is translating the discovery of genes that control aging into innovative therapeutics and diagnostics that can treat or prevent chronic diseases associated with aging. Therapeutic interventions based on these genes will result in a longer and healthier human lifespan. When experimental animals are fed diets that are severely restricted in total calories they exhibit a potent protection against age-related diseases like cancer, heart disease, metabolic disorders like diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer�s and Parkinson�s disease. In addition, their maximum lifespan is extended by about 30%. This approach, called calorie restriction (CR), is far too difficult to be readily adopted by people. BioMarker is identifying �CR mimetics�, which will have the same properties as CR itself. BioMarker has developed a proprietary screening approach to identify CR mimetics. We intend to deliver safe and efficacious therapeutics and wellness products to enable people to live much longer, productive and healthier lives.

The Biotech Learning Institute
The Biotech Learning Institute is a world-class online training facility, providing the tools necessary for professionals to maintain a competitive edge in the market. The Institute prides itself on its comprehensive training and online certification programs targeted to the biotech, pharmaceutical and life science professional. The Biotech Learning Institute has an extensive menu of training courses offered to biotech, pharmaceutical, regulatory, quality assurance, human resources, and other professionals. The President and Chairman of BLI, Terrence Carmichael, founded and sold GeneTree DNA Testing Center ( to Sorenson Genomics.

BrighTex BioPhotonics
BrighTex Bio-Photonics (BTBP) develops and enhances the detection of early skin conditions and diagnostics through imaging, utilizing algorithms for early signature analysis specific to the area of biosciences and industrial applications. BTBP partnerships allow companies to enhance the capability of their imaging systems.

Charisela Technologies
Charisela Technologies is focused on developing custom and OEM consumables in forms of reagents and cell based assays that provide: Ease of use, cost efficacy, rapid and reliable products with regards to diabetes research, infectious diseases, drug discovery and cellular analysis for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Technologies used by Charisela will allow the company to incorporate a flexible assay design in terms of ease of use and custom products for customers’ specific needs. Charisela prides itself on rapid and reliable assay development that allows its customers to expedite drug screening research, diabetes, cancer, and infectious diseases research. Charisela also provides a symbiosis with instrument manufacturers by opening their markets to instrument sales on reagents developed for those instruments by Charisela via partnership, collaboration or custom requests.

ChiroSolve, Inc
ChiroSolve, Inc. is a multi-faceted company providing assistance in various aspects of organic and chiral chemistry research. It offers chemical kits named ChiroSolv� that speed up chiral research and pre-manufacturing cycle by up to 90%. The kits help researchers who use the resolution by Diastereomeric crystallization and can be used with racemates of type acid, base, alcohols, amino acids, aldehyde and ketones. ChiroSolv� consists of a set of six chemical kits, each containing 96 vials that are filled with a unique combination of resolving agents and solvents in pre-calibrated quantities. As a result, scientists using all six types of kits can potentially screen 96 X 6 = 576 combinations of the resolving agents and solvents in a single sitting.

ConfometRx is pioneering a platform of structure-based drug development tools that facilitate target validation, lead identification, and lead optimization for G protein coupled receptor (GPCR) targets. This platform includes biochemical and biophysical technologies for defining drug binding sites; the production of pure, functional GPCRs for high-resolution structure determination by crystallography and NMR; the generation of receptor-specific, functional antibodies for target validation and therapeutics; and ConfoScreen, a set of novel screening and assay technologies.

Cytolution's revolutionary analyzer will take cervical cancer screening to the next level and replace the current widely used manual PAP method. The innovative technology / method will be key to improve screening accuracy and at the same time respond to the growing crisis with cytology laboratory labor shortage while lowering the overall cost of disease management. The CEO and Founder of Cytolution, Urs G. Wiederkehr, has over 20 years of experience in business management in diagnostics with Abbot Diagnostics, Ventana and BioVeris.

Edison Pharmaceuticals
Edison's business is the development of drugs to treat diseases that impair energy metabolism. Energy impairment diseases can be classified on the basis of whether they are inherited or acquired, and furthermore on the location of the defect. Edison is initially focusing on inherited diseases of the mitochondria- nature's biological energy substation. The understanding of mitochondrial genetic diseases is being accelerated with genetic tools and is allowing for the characterization of heretofore-uncharacterized energy impairment diseases. Inherited mitochondrial diseases account for over 100 human diseases and alone affect an estimated 100,000 persons worldwide for whom there are no approved drugs.

Epitex BioSystems
Epitex BioSystems is developing an improved method for genetic engineering of mammalian cells. Our proprietary technology will reduce the time required to make high yield recombinant cell lines from months to days. The continuous expression and scalability of a stable cell line make this method the fastest way to produce recombinant protein candidates for biotech research programs. Our technology can also be applied to cell based screening and therapeutic protein (and antibody) manufacturing. We are a concept stage company with patent pending engaged in demonstrating proof of principle. 

GIRUS Life Sciences, Inc.
GIRUS Life Sciences, Inc. is developing innovative technologies to direct biological outcomes in tissues and tissue culture. The company�s intellectual property includes its novel Cell Trafficking Technology (CTT) developed at UC San Francisco. GIRUS� CTT increases influx of administered human hematopoietic stem cells into the bone marrow, effectively improving success of stem cell transplants and immune recovery. GIRUS is working on advancing cell culture science and its portfolio also includes animal-free media and supplements that specifically regulate viability, growth and production of cells in culture. The company�s immediate focus is commercialization of these proprietary cell culture products to enable and accelerate manufacturing of protein therapeutics. Because they are animal-free, these products provide improved biological safety, and offer cost-effective technical solutions to a highly regulated industry.

Inologic is the leading company in the discovery and development of a new class of therapeutics based on inositol signaling molecules - an approach that can generate novel therapeutics for most major diseases. Currently the company, piloted by an experienced leadership team, has compounds in pre-clinical development for the treatment of inflammation and cystic fibrosis. Inologic's drug to treat the underlying cause of cystic fibrosis has received orphan drug designation from the FDA and its development is supported by a $1.5 million award from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Previous to Inologic, the CEO and President, Ed Field, was the President of Molecumetics, where he was instrumental in building the 70-person drug discovery and early-stage development company in Seattle.

Kalinex will pioneer the burgeoning chem/biochip industry with its proprietary technology for label-free detection of molecular binding.  This technology is based on 10 years of government funded research by Dr. Arun Majumbar of UC Berkeley and Dr. Thomas Thundat of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  The Scientific Advisory Board includes Rusty Williams  (Five Prime Therapeutics), former founder of COR Therapeutics and President of Chiron.  This product will address needs in the markets of military/homeland security, industrial control, environment monitoring, drug development and personalized medicine.

Manoa Medical
Manoa Medical is a medical device company created to improve the accuracy of surgical procedures in the breast. Manoa has developed proprietary devices and methods for the minimally invasive excision of lesions and associated diseased ducts. In addition, Manoa has developed a proprietary method of cutting tissue that will not have the problems associated with radiofrequency energized cutting. The CEO and Founder of Manoa Medical, Roberta Lee, is a serial entrepreneur and an MD with a specialty in breast surgery.

MedLex develops, markets, and sells the most advanced enterprise-wide and integrated decision support and portfolio management software and systems. Our technology represents a breakthrough in decision support and management software for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare industries. Our objective is to set the industry standard for IT-based decision support technologies.

ProPharmacon is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of new, proprietary anti-cancer small molecule drugs that target a wide range of cancers. ProPharmacon's two programs have generated 2 different series ("families") of novel small molecules that contain drug candidates that act as dual-mode inhibitors of Topoisomerases I and II, which are validated, clinically established cancer targets. ProPharmacon envisions fast-track development of its 2 product candidates with IND filings achievable within 12 - 15 months.

Reviva Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Reviva Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is an emerging research based pharmaceutical company focused on developing a portfolio of internally discovered next generation safe and effective therapeutic drugs by using an integrated chemical genomics-based technology platform and proprietary chemistries. The company is currently focused on developing drugs for the central nervous system (CNS), cardiovascular (CV), infectious, metabolic and inflammatory diseases.
StrataGent Life Sciences
StrataGent Life Sciences Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing therapeutic products, based on its revolutionary transdermal delivery technology.

Tacere Therapeutics, Inc.
Tacere Therapeutics, Inc. specializes in the development of both traditional and novel therapeutics for the treatment of Hepatitis C. Combining expertise in small molecules, gene medicine, and RNA interference (RNAi), Tacere possesses proprietary skill in the screening and identification of both pharmaceutical and biological agents for the treatment of this major unmet medical need. Tacere is currently performing pre-clinical studies on its lead RNAi therapeutic compound, TT-033i, and plans to enter clinical trials in 2008.

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