Shared Equipment
Lab Support
Reception/Office Services
Business Support
Optional Services
Reception/Office Services
  • General customer service
  • Receiving and distribution of mail
  • Delivery services management (shipping/receiving and storage of packages, including refrigeration where required)
  • Receiving of visitors
  • Filtering of solicitors
  • Security infrastructure for 24-hour access
  • Security watch of door during office hours
  • Individual furnished office space
  • Flexible lease
  • Online facility scheduling (conference rooms, lab areas, etc)
  • Execution of service requests for service/maintenance of equipment, equipment purchases, additional phones, data lines, keys, security cards, new employee orientation, movement of furniture
  • Full use of all the following: Carts for moving, Emergency spill kits, Ladders, Tools, Emergency medical kits...

�The BioCenter provides us with that big company advantage which frees us up to focus on our innovation. They handle all the issues of getting us up and running including maintaining and caring for the equipment, front office reception and back office support.�

- Rajeshwar Chhibber, CEO,
BrighTex Bio-Photonics
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