San Jose State University Foundation (SJSUF)
The San Jose State University Foundation (SJSUF) is the San Jose BioCenter's most prominent academic partner as the fiscal sponsor of the SJBC. For more than 70 years, the SJSUF has provided the entrepreneurial framework through which the San Jose State University faculty successfully partner with government agencies, corporations, and foundations to perform cutting-edge research, public service, and other specialized projects which are vital to a community of scholars and to society as a whole. As a private non-profit corporation, the Foundation manages research contracts and grant awards of approximately $50M per year and also administers contributions made on behalf of SJSU to fund scholarships, faculty development, capital programs, laboratory equipment and other important academic initiatives. It supports University research projects and provides an entrepreneurial infrastructure for faculty. In addition to SJBC, the SJSUF manages the International Business Incubator, Software Business Cluster and Environmental Business Cluster. The Software Business Cluster itself has attracted $475 million in capital, creating 2,500 jobs, and more than 130 new products.

For further information contact:
Jeff Gordon
San Jose State University Foundation
Tel (408) 924.7395
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