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AminoArrays (formerly NanoBioDynamics) is developing next-generation technology for amino acid analysis. Our array-based analyzer represents significant advances in speed, sensitivity, and ease-of-use, all at a lower cost. Applications include protein biochemistry, proteomics, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, clinical diagnostics, and food and animal feed testing.
Ahwahnee Technology
Ahwahnee is a leading nanotechnology company founded in Silicon Valley in late 2002 as a force to enable the Carbon Nanotube (CNT) to become a building block in a multitude of applications and industries. Ahwahnee's industry-leading CNTs are revolutionizing a number of markets, including fuel cells, energy and semiconductors. As one of only a few companies today to commercialize CNT production, the Company's goal is to provide CNT material at an industrial scale, then to create and commercialize its own CNT application primarily targeted at the energy market.

ARCBio�s goal is to make the drug/drug delivery compound screening process and preclinical trial period as efficient and painless as possible. We identify drug and drug delivery therapies that are worth pursuing by using protocols that are approved internationally (FDA, OECD, NCI), modifying protocols to meet your needs, maintaining high standards and strictly adhering to GLP, valuing your time and money and providing excellent data in a format based on FDA-provided templates. ARCBio follows these guidelines to ensure that the relationship between the toxicity lab and the chemistry lab is optimized to produce successful compounds.

BioClean LLC
BioClean LLC is an early stage company developing products focusing on the disinfectant industry for both the consumer and health care. The team at BioClean has a unique technology approach that will minimize the use of chemicals in their disinfectant products. With the use of this technology, the disinfectant wipes and liquids they develop will be completely safe and effective with absolutely no toxic effects. The products will be effective against a wide range of pathogens including the super bug, MRSA.

BrighTex Bio-Photonics
BrighTex Bio-Photonics (BTBP) develops and enhances the detection of early skin conditions and diagnostics through imaging, utilizing algorithms for early signature analysis specific to the area of biosciences and industrial applications. BTBP partnerships allow companies to enhance the capability of their imaging systems.
Cardiva Medical, Inc.
Cardiva's first product, the Boomerang Wire, was approved in EU countries and in the US in 2004 and brought to market in 2005. Our second generation product, the Boomerang Catalyst System, was launched recently in July 2007. This product uniquely provides the control to achieve rapid hemostasis with early patient ambulation as well as the confidence to leave nothing behind, eliminate implant-related complications and allow immediate re-access. To support clinicians in effectively using the technology and in adopting best practices in and out of the lab, the Company further provides its comprehensive Pathway Program, consisting of ongoing, extensive clinical education and outcomes monitoring resources.

ChiroSolve, Inc.
ChiroSolve is a multi-faceted company providing assistance in various aspects of organic and chiral chemistry research. It offers chemical kits named ChiroSolv� that speed up chiral research and pre-manufacturing cycle by up to 90%. The kits help researchers who use the resolution by Diastereomeric crystallization and can be used with racemates of type acid, base, alcohols, amino acids, aldehyde and ketones. ChiroSolv� consists of a set of six chemical kits, each containing 96 vials that are filled with a unique combination of resolving agents and solvents in pre-calibrated quantities. As a result, scientists using all six types of kits can potentially screen 96 X 6 = 576 combinations of the resolving agents and solvents in a single sitting.

ConfometRx is pioneering a platform of structure-based drug development tools that facilitate target validation, lead identification, and lead optimization for G protein coupled receptor (GPCR) targets. This platform includes biochemical and biophysical technologies for defining drug binding sites; the production of pure, functional GPCRs for high-resolution structure determination by crystallography and NMR; the generation of receptor-specific, functional antibodies for target validation and therapeutics; and ConfoScreen, a set of novel screening and assay technologies.

Cytolution's revolutionary analyzer will take cervical cancer screening to the next level and replace the current widely used manual PAP method. The innovative technology / method will be key to improve screening accuracy and at the same time respond to the growing crisis with cytology laboratory labor shortage while lowering the overall cost of disease management. The CEO and Founder of Cytolution, Urs G. Wiederkehr, has over 20 years of experience in business management in diagnostics with Abbot Diagnostics, Ventana and BioVeris.

Edison Pharmaceuticals
Edison's business is the development of drugs to treat diseases that impair energy metabolism. Energy impairment diseases can be classified on the basis of whether they are inherited or acquired, and furthermore on the location of the defect. Edison is initially focusing on inherited diseases of the mitochondria- nature's biological energy substation. The understanding of mitochondrial genetic diseases is being accelerated with genetic tools and is allowing for the characterization of heretofore-uncharacterized energy impairment diseases. Inherited mitochondrial diseases account for over 100 human diseases and alone affect an estimated 100,000 persons worldwide for whom there are no approved drugs.

Exergy Technologies Corp
Exergy Technologies Corporation provides advanced membrane and electrochemical separation technologies for the recovery of valuable process materials, and the reuse of water. Exergy's technologies involve a variety of membrane and electrochemical principals to solve broad industrial problems. Exergy's advanced membrane-based systems, include Advanced Diffusion Dialysis (DD), Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI), Membrane Electrolysis (ME), Electrodialysis (ED) and Reverse Osmosis (ARO). The Company also provides conventional membrane technologies such as ultrafiltration to complete its designs.

GenePrism, Inc.
A large number of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) have been found in the genes encoding drug metabolizing enzymes, and pharmacogenetic studies have shown many of them to be important determinants of inter-individual variability in drug response. GenePrism is developing innovative genomic and proteomic tools to systematically and comprehensively interrogate the effects of these SNPs and their gene products in drug metabolism and drug-drug interactions. GenePrism plans to commercialize its proprietary reagents, services and intellectual properties to advance pharmacogenetics-driven drug development and personalized medicine.

Genia Technologies, Inc.
Genia's mission is to unify Moore's Law with biotechnology to make genetic information universally available. While current generation sequencing platforms use enzymes, complicated optics, labels, amplification, or fluidics, Genia's versatile nanopore-based platform relies on none of these things. The Genia platform allows for true single molecule, real-time, electrical analysis. Through its patented biochemistry and custom analog electronics, Genia is the only nanopore company with Active Control. Active Control allows for fine-grained, electronic control of the DNA movement through the pore, resulting in a current modulation signature corresponding to unique DNA sequence. Genia's $250 reader and $100 per sample cost makes the platform perfect for small/medium labs needing a targeted resequencing solution. By developing a true integrated circuit on standard semiconductor process technology, Genia significantly lowers the cost of genetic information and will revolutionize the world of DNA sequencing.

GIRUS Life Sciences, Inc.
GIRUS is developing innovative technologies to direct biological outcomes in tissues and tissue culture. The company’s intellectual property includes its novel Cell Trafficking Technology (CTT) developed at UC San Francisco. GIRUS’ CTT increases influx of administered human hematopoietic stem cells into the bone marrow, effectively improving success of stem cell transplants and immune recovery. GIRUS is working on advancing cell culture science and its portfolio also includes animal-free media and supplements that specifically regulate viability, growth and production of cells in culture. The company’s immediate focus is commercialization of these proprietary cell culture products to enable and accelerate manufacturing of protein therapeutics. Because they are animal-free, these products provide improved biological safety, and offer cost-effective technical solutions to a highly regulated industry.

ImmunePath is a research stage company in the field of immunotherapy for cancer. First, we use high throughput screening to discover compounds that activate cancer killing by innate immune cells. Second, we develop immune cells from stem cells, with the ultimate aim to create an off the shelf universal cell-based cancer therapeutic.

Inologic is the leading company in the discovery and development of a new class of therapeutics based on inositol signaling molecules - an approach that can generate novel therapeutics for most major diseases. Currently the company, piloted by an experienced leadership team, has compounds in pre-clinical development for the treatment of inflammation and cystic fibrosis. Inologic's drug to treat the underlying cause of cystic fibrosis has received orphan drug designation from the FDA and its development is supported by a $1.5 million award from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Previous to Inologic, the CEO and President, Ed Field, was the President of Molecumetics, where he was instrumental in building the 70-person drug discovery and early-stage development company in Seattle.

Kalinex, Inc.
Kalinex will pioneer the burgeoning chem/biochip industry with its proprietary technology for label-free detection of molecular binding.  This technology is based on 10 years of government funded research by Dr. Arun Majumbar of UC Berkeley and Dr. Thomas Thundat of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  The Scientific Advisory Board includes Rusty Williams  (Five Prime Therapeutics), former founder of COR Therapeutics and President of Chiron.  This product will address needs in the markets of military/homeland security, industrial control, environment monitoring, drug development and personalized medicine.

Limerick BioPharma
Limerick BioPharma is dedicated to the discovery and development of novel small molecule product candidates to address areas of significant unmet medical need. Our intent is to bring forth innovative therapies that have the potential to change treatment paradigms via their enhanced safety and / or efficacy profiles. Limerick is developing novel products that can enhance the safety of existing therapeutic agents or function as innovative stand-alone therapies.

Manoa Medical
Manoa Medical is a medical device company created to improve the accuracy of surgical procedures in the breast. Manoa has developed proprietary devices and methods for the minimally invasive excision of lesions and associated diseased ducts. In addition, Manoa has developed a proprietary method of cutting tissue that will not have the problems associated with radiofrequency energized cutting. The CEO and Founder of Manoa Medical, Roberta Lee, is a serial entrepreneur and an MD with a specialty in breast surgery.

Maulikai, Inc.
Maulikai is applying the emergence of synthetic biology to develop innovative economically and environmentally sound solutions to the world�s energy needs.

MedVenture Technology
MedVenture provides medical device companies with integrated development and assembly manufacturing that supplements and accelerates their ability to quickly deliver quality products to market while protecting and enhancing IP.

MyeloRx LLC
MyeloRx's mission is the discovery and development of drugs for cancer and autoimmune diseases with the first target being acute myeloid leukemia. The initial drugs are derived from the Chinese herb, Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F (TWHF). Extracts of these herbs have been used classically in Chinese medicine for the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. The company has isolated the active species of the herb, triptolide, and synthesized a number of analogues. Three patent applications have been licensed by MyeloRx and a fourth application, developed internally, has been filed. The lead compound, MRx 102, has demonstrated potent anti-cancer activity in cellular and animal model systems.

Phyllom LLC

The search for new drug candidates typically begins with high throughput screening (HTS) of combinatorial chemical libraries. Technological advances in HTS technology have greatly increased the efficiency of these screens, leading to an explosion of drug candidates. The increased production of HTS campaigns has uncovered a new bottleneck in the drug discovery process: the biological characterization of hit compounds. The larger volume of candidate compounds and the desire for more informative assays necessitates higher-throughput, high-content cell-based secondary assays. Primity Inc. has developed a cell-based secondary screening platform (HT-CBS) that can perform multiple assays on a variety of cell types simultaneously. This platform will have the same effect on secondary screening as high-throughput screening (HTS) had on small molecule drug development.

Recapping Software

StrataGent Life Sciences, Inc. / Corium International, Inc.
StrataGent is a specialty drug delivery company developing products for painless, needle-free administration of otherwise injectable drugs. Its products are based on its proprietary microjet technology that delivers large and small therapeutic molecules without a device penetrating into or through the skin. In May of 2004, StrataGent received a $2 million award from the Advanced Technology Program (ATP) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology to support the development of the StrataGent microjet technology. In May 2007 StrataGent announced a $16M Series B financing led by Essex Woodlands Health Ventures. In September 2007, Corium International, Inc., a privately-held transdermal drug delivery company, announced the completion of a $25.1 million Series C financing also led by Essex Woodlands. In connection with the financing, StrataGent merged into Corium. The combined Company will use the proceeds to develop Corium�s pipeline of advanced transdermal products employing its proprietary MicroCorTM microneedle technology and CorplexTM polymer adhesive technology. The Company will also use proceeds to develop products based on StrataGent�s liquid microjet drug delivery technology. Robert Thomas, CEO of StrataGent and former CEO of FoxHollow Technologies, Inc., serves as CEO of the combined company, while Ron Eastman of Essex Woodlands Health Ventures becomes the Company�s chairman. Joining Mr. Eastman on the board of directors are Corium co-founder Gary Cleary and StrataGent co-founder Ravi Srinivasan.

Stratedigm, Inc.
Our main goal at Stratedigm is to be part of your team by offering you a tool that meets your needs today as well as in the future. Our team has spent many years working in the high tech and bio-tech industries in R&D; and operations where we designed and anufactured scalable servers, light engines, consumer electronics, micro fluidics and more importantly, flow cytometers. We decided early on to create a company where our engineering team would work directly with you. To create the S1000 series, we collaborated with researchers and educators and asked what they needed in a flow cytometer. We had no sales or marketing teams involved, just a group of engineers working directly with scientists in the design and testing of the product. The result was an easy to use, very robust instrument that could be fully configurable with world class resolution, performance and sensitivity. We hope that our products will make your tasks easier and look forward to working with you.

Stratos BioSystems, LLC
Stratos Biosystems is an emerging biochip company developing novel biochips for analysis of peptides and proteins by mass spectrometry. The Company�s proprietary EC-Affinity� Biochips for Affinity Mass Spectrometry and related products enable the routine use of mass spectrometers (MALDI TOF-MS) as protein biochip readers. These products exploit the advantages associated with label-free mass spectrometric detection while providing sensitivity and selectivity comparable to imaging biochip readers. Moreover, EC-Affinity� Biochips enable mass spectrometric detection of post-translation modifications (PTMs) and transcript variations that are not detected by ELISA and other colorimetric methods. The Company was co founded in 2003 by Mark L. Stolowitz and Allan H. Stephan.

Synvascular, Inc.

Tandem Technologies, Inc.
Tandem Technologies is a molecular diagnostics company developing non-invasive tests for maternal and fetal health.
The CyberKnife Society
The CyberKnife® Society (CKS) was established in 2002 as an organization committed to bringing together diverse users worldwide to foster scholarly exchange and share other clinical information pertaining to CyberKnife radiosurgical ablation. The CKS is the foremost clinical authority of the CyberKnife System whose actions and opinions are often referenced outside the Society itself. We believe we are limited only by our imagination in our efforts to painlessly destroy cancer and other disorders throughout the body - throughout the world. The CyberKnife Society is dedicated to realizing this dream.

TheraJect, Inc.
TheraJect's platform technology is positioned to pursue and harvest multiple growth opportunities. TheraJect will focus on research, development, intellectual property creation and protection, and preliminary pre-clinical study. TheraJect's strategy is to earn revenue by licensing and partnering the development of its technology with vaccine, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, cosmeceuticals, manufacturing, and service provider companies that have the experience and resources to efficiently manage processes outside of our core competencies in pre-clinical product development. This strategy should provide early yet sustainable returns to TheraJect's shareholders.

Zikon Corporation
Zikon uses proprietary REED (Reverse Emulsion Electrophoretic Display) technology to create low-cost nanotechnology-based electronic Ink for flat panel displays. Zikon�s Ink is low cost and energy efficient.
New energy storage technologies and devices are critical to combating global warming and decreasing fossil fuel reserves. Many designs for fuel cells and batteries use and are limited by the performance of the ion exchange membrane. zNano is developing novel membranes with sub nanometer pore size allowing for efficient, high power and green energy storage.
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