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Criteria and Application
Criteria & Application
The BioCenter seeks to maintain a balanced and diversified portfolio across the various bioconvergence sectors (drug development, diagnostics, device, nanotech, cleantech, energy, bioinformatics, biophotonics, etc.) with companies at various stages of development. We select emerging companies promising to be significant, long-term market leaders. Our model selects and nurtures companies with the following criteria:
  • A credible business and science/technology team
  • Area of significant medical or market need
  • A qualified and profitable market opportunity
  • Compelling science and/or technology
  • IP assets pending or secured
  • Demonstrate financial solvency

The BioCenter has a three-step selection process:
  1. Company fills in application form and submits along with Business Plan, Executive Summary, Power Point Presentation, or any other document that will help to describe your business and your needs.
  2. Management team screens application.
  3. If application passes screen, company is invited to an in person interview with the Management and several relevant business & science experts.
The BioCenter is committed to making this process run in a timely manner. Decisions of applicants will be made within a 1 month period from the time of the in person interview.

For more information or if you are interested in becoming a BioCenter Company, please contact Erika Kula.
Internal Clients: Resident vs. Affiliate
The BioCenter is dedicated to providing a high level of attention and service to its client companies. Internal Client Membership in the BioCenter is month-to-month. Resident companies will receive business and/or lab space within the facility as well as access to all the services the BioCenter provides. Affiliate companies will have access to services only and will not reside within the incubator facility. However, affiliates do have access to conference rooms and shared facilities.

�Access to a flexible biotech ready facility [BioCenter] means our portfolio companies can hit the ground running and don't waste time and money on facility infrastructure, capital equipment and laboratory services. Our money goes directly to advancing the science.�

- Gordon Saul,
Executive in Residence,
InterWest Partners LLC
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